Inspiring Multicolor Websites

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Colors always attract people and is always make stuff look more vibrant and attractive, the same goes for web design. Using multiple colors in web design is not traditional or standard but when used in any web design it gave it a completely different appearance.

Here is in this article we give you 20 fresh and inspiring multi color websites, I hope you will love these colorful web designs, and will share it with your colleagues and friends.

Business Trend for Social Media Marketing

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Social media is growing fast and marketers are starting to catch up. So, do you want to know what’s going to happen next? As marketers’ understanding of online social networking progress, their use of various platforms has become more complicated. Many brands and public figures, after determine that consumers respond well to images and humor, for instance, have begun to use both. Others have found that new channels, like Pinterest and Reddit’s “Ask Me Anything” section, are effective promotional tools.
Social media channel are looking to turn a profit so they are looking for ways to get at your advertising budget.

Face book, LinkedIn, Twitter and others are looking into way to display more marketing messages to their users. This will increase budgets enthusiastic to social media advertising. Group buying will not go away but businesses will understand better what it is and use it accordingly.

Global trend in eCommerce

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eCommerce Trend

Global ecommerce markets are growing extensively, and for the online based small businesses this represents an opportunity to put a great retail site

Global ecommerce markets are growing extensively, and for the online based small businesses this represents an opportunity to put a great ecommerce retail site or excellent products into the hands of global customers. By creating a global market presence, small businesses can enlarge their operations, increase sales and keep competition at bay in other parts of the world. E-commerce trends are also leaving a crash on markets and merchant. As it makes easy the consumer’s ability to gather more information about products and prices, e-commerce will lead to make stronger price competition. As the better compact have grown at the cost of smaller ones, as they are able to balance economies and offer lower prices.

With advanced internet technology overcoming problems with reliability and speed, it is expected to be used in almost every conceivable way in marketing and commerce. Global e-commerce trends are making way for new supply and demand aggregation services, leading markets in directions that were not possible before the dawn of the Internet.

Conventional Web Design Trend in 2013

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 Web Design Trend in 2013

Web design trend in 2013 A industry proprietor, may be stressed with learning the basics of web design, but they probably already know that web design trends change faster than fashion trends.  All designers know that technology and the virtual world are continuously developing. You want to know there is a new trend in the market when it comes to web designing. As a web designer, you should be all the time determined to find the latest and trendy ways to improve the entire look of your website If you really want to see how much the web designing industry view your website page .Earlier, the trend was to focus more on media capabilities but now as per the new trends it is all about usability and latest smart looks.

Many business neglect current web design trends because their natural instinct is to focus on other aspects of running their business. However, your business website is often the first interaction point between you and your customer.

Top 20 Web Design Trends – Tweets

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Hi every one, today i thought to share some knowledge based web design trends tweets for designers, all tweets chosen based on New technology, trending problems, resources for designers ect. hope you guys will enjoy. keep tune to our blog for more updates on trending topics. :)





Artwork & Design cannot be replicated

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Artwork & Design cannot be replicated

When we create Art or Digital Design, we hold the copyright, which is our special right as the author to hold that work. We have power over who else is able to use our work. The things that are copyright are referred to as intellectual property Act.

When we talk about copyright. First we want to know clear idea about copyright & we should able to answer to “What is copy right?

Copyright: Rights given by law to the creators for their literary & artistic works. There are two forms

Economic rights: include the right to reproduce, sell, rent, distribute, communicate to the public, translate etc

replicated Cover the right to claim the authorship and oppose distortion or mutilation of the work.

Fonts alternate technique for a Designer

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Font alternate technique for a Designer

Since the beginning of the web, designers have been restricted to a limited number of fonts. Fonts are very useful for a designer. Only if you would take into concern the typography mania and you have a great argument for the intelligent use of fonts. The web safe fonts seem boring at a certain moment. Other web technologies you can insert any font you want in a website and you can give the site a more interesting style. The importance of typography in design can’t be underestimating. The right choice of fonts can really help to deliver the message in a more direct and suitable way in your site.

Typography and font selection are integral elements of any designers cache to create the look and ‘feel’ of a website. Unfortunately since the beginning of the web, designers have been restricted to a limited number of fonts. Helvetica, Arial and Georgia are three of the very few appealing fonts (not to forget Comic Sans) that designers can safely rely on to be present correctly for the majority of web users. The traditional method for designers to avoid such limitations and say creativity with fonts.

The reality is though the position is rarely perfect in the world of web design, there will always be concession and work-around required to implement new technologies. Rightness is not worth waiting for, if you do, your risk missing out on exciting new opportunity.

14 Podcasts for Designers and Developers

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Being a designer or a developer isn’t your average work as it is constantly developing, giving you new tools to either become more dynamic or to simply create better work. Podcasts is an engaging way of learning new techniques or staying up to date with what other designers.  We often read books, refresh our skills with tutorials, subscribe to blogs and even attend conferences but we most of us still overlook one medium It is an engaging standard that is available in both audio and video formats. Podcasts often refer to audio casts, but now with iPods and other media players being able to play video, video casts are just as popular. A handful of web design podcasters convey both audio and video formats.

Most designers and developers track at least a few blogs from the design industry, but podcasts and video podcasts offer even more opportunities for learning and for staying up-to-date in the industry. As web developers, always trying to get better at what they do. One of the best ways to do that is to listen to what other developers have to share.

Top 10 Ways to Use Pinterest for Business

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For those of you who do not know, Pinterest is the newest and fastest growing social media website today, and how to use Pinterest for Business should be on your mind. Pinterest  has been able to reach 10 million unique monthly visitors – faster than other social networking sites including Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. From November 2011 to January 2012, Pinterest’s unique site visitors went  from 4.8 million visitors to 11 million.

Many business people may look at this as a small site, but the truth is, it is not. New members and users are growing at a fast pace since it started. So, by the looks of it, entrepreneurs and markers cannot underestimate the power of Pinterest for Business.

According to Pinterest’s database, 80 percent of its users are female – which means it is now a powerful tool to attract female customers on the Internet. Below is a list of the top 10 ways to use Pinterest for business.

Cost Effective Advertisement Solution for Business

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Since the Internet grows daily, many companies are giving up on printing brochures. When the opposition is giving up, it is time for your business to stand out more by presenting an engaging, exact brochure emphasizing products and services.

Taking into consideration exactly what can it offer that can be appeal since various printing giving a  various solutions as well. In this competitive market, printing is designated as the greatest solution through which business owners are making proper advertisement of their product and services. If you have a business and want to introduce new product and services in the market, then you need to think about the printing companies. Now, numbers of printing companies available which are offering quality printing services to the clients.