CSS Techniques Of All Time More than 90

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CSS Techniques

CSS has fundamentally changed web design, it has provided designers with a set of properties that can be tweaked to make various techniques to make your pages just look right.

Today we are presenting a round-up of 101 CSS techniques designers use all the time. Definitely worth taking a very close look at! This is just the first series , the second part will be coming soon, stay tuned and Enjoy!


CSS Sprites

CSS sprites save HTTP requests by using CSS positioning to selectively display composite background images. To maximize accessibility and usability, CSS sprites are best used for icons or decorative effects.


The Best Design Trend in 2011

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The Best Design Trends in 2011

The trends for this year and emerging decade are responsive design, constant connection and virtual reality. How will you stay relevant as a designer in 2011? The ultimate goal of a designer is not to dazzle but to entangle. Any designer can get ‘oohs’ and ‘ahhs’ that are easily forgotten. The supreme designer is able to create an environment which charms and captivates the user several elements come together to forge such a wonderland: harmonious color scheme, intuitive design, easily accessible information and fast response. So as my view this are the top 10 trends for 2011.

Powerful Tools for Web Designers – More than 40 tools

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Hi Guys,

Early morning had a 2 hour discussion with a client about a Quick loading and Visitor’s base Web Design and Development as that i have search some web design and development tools that improve the website efficiency. this days we can see lot of online tools to do those things, as that i thought to point out some tools, which is the power full one within that, as my research.

In this guys there are tools to test your CSS stand, Browser efficiency, colour matching, how its working in various systems (windows OS, Mac like wise), SEO, image quality with law wight, Social Media, font face styles,visual design, typography, information architecture, psychology and a plethora of other disciplines like wise…

SEO Tips for Web Designers

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SEO web designer google yahoo bigThese days most of the web designer are not familiar with SEO, the SEO works all so done by developers, but some designers are there, they considering about the SEO and designing a site, as a web designer this days what am mostly doing is Learning SEO and Social Media Marketing to publish my projects, because this days we have lot of website all over the world, within that our website should come on top in Search and have to grab lot of  visitors among them.

As than i found lot of article i found in internet about SEO to beginners, seo for web designers etc. within that i choose some of the important and useful article to SEO articles to share with all, as that i begin here…

Search Engine Optimization is an effort most website owners carry out to improve the site performance over internet. With a number of website owners realize how important SEO for them, they wonder through the cyber space to meet the SEO professionals to help them optimize their sites.

Meanwhile, many seo services that usually provide website designers try to attract website owners. But without adequate knowledge about SEO, it would be impossible for them to prove their professionalism. So, website designers should be able to have sufficient knowledge about SEO, although there are web designers who fail to grasp the importance of SEO.

10 jQuery Effects, Moving Elements with Style

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1. Fluid Navigation – How to create an informative menu-bar with jQuery & CSS

Learn how to create a menu that appears like a standard menu bar in it’s default state, but which on rollover pulls down an information area that covers both the original menubar item and has an expanded section containing the text we want to display.

Fluid Navigation – How to create an informative menu-bar with jQuery & CSS

30 CSS and Javascript Tabs Solutions

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Tabs have been around for a long time, they are nothing new, but with so many sites (blogs, ecommerce sites, web apps…) needing to show as much content and navigation as possible, they have never been so relevant.
They are the perfect web page tidying up solution for organizing cluttered content in a space-limited web page. Seperating content into tabs keeps everything nice and compact, clutter free and are always at the ready should a user need it.

In this round-up we have a variety of easy to use modern tabs solutions, techniques, tutorials and plugins, most of them make use of a variety of Javscript libraries (MooTools, jQuery…), but you will also find some innovative pure CSS solutions as well.

How to Improve Web Order Form Design

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User friendly interface and simplicity are key points when designing effective web order forms. Unlike single page forms (a sign up or contact form), an order form tends to have a couple of pages or steps to fill (including payment methods). It is not a good idea for all these to be shown in a single page. Users might be frustrated if the form seems never ending.

A good way of keeping the field list shorter and neater, but still be able to collect all the data required is by breaking them up into steps. However, it’s a good idea to let the user know in advance how many steps they have to go through in order to complete the entire order process.


Now here is a tutorial that will help you make simple yet modern looking web order forms.


Creative Web Order Form

4 Samples